Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire

How to distinguish among Single Wire, Traditional Twist and Reverse Twist?

One another confusion our customer came across concentrates on wire weaving technology. Among the three kinds, many of them believe that the main point reflects in final products cost. Yes, it is. Nevertheless, there are also something else.

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Q 1: Single wire must be cheaper than the other two?

To some extents, yes, it is a little bit cheaper. Taking an example, for packing 100 meters length per reel, less material used for single wire ones’ production. Besides, weaving is not that complicated. They shall be cheaper. But is that all? No! The fact is that when our customer place the order, they ask for the unit of net weight same as the other two. It means that a single reel with single wire can cover more length. Do more with less! Smart!


Q2: Reverse twist mush be more expensive than traditional twist?

On the surface, reverse twist is pleasing your eyes. Traditional twist looks like the ones made by hand and appears less sturdy and durable. Actually, NO! Both of them are produced by machine. Reverse twist does posses the characters of good looking and being sturdy and durable. However, cost of treatment is nearly the same. The only factor which triggers the button is the size. For traditional twist, wire gauge shall be no thinner than BWG 15, while reverse twist wire diameter ranges from BWG12-18. Wire diameter is the key points.


To sum up, there are also some other elements which have influence to the market. Above is only the basic ones. If you have any questions, please freely contact me to learn more.

It was widely used in variety of field, including boundary of meadow, railway and highway isolation, private house and factory region as well as some special area such as jail, military base or print works, etc.